Cathy Clark is a registered Osteopath practicing in Crouch End.

Why should you see Cathy for an Osteopathic treatment?
Cathy treats patients of all ages with musculoskeletal pain – back, joint or muscle pain.
She has a special interest in treating women with gynaecological complaints, during pregnancy and post-partum.
She treats newborn babies, infants and children with safe and effective care.
She has experience working with pain associated with repetitive strain injury (RSI), scoliosis, arthritis and headaches.
Osteopathy can be helpful in working with pain and discomfort after dental work, surgery or immobilisation after a fall or other injury.

Osteopaths are primary health practitioners who work alongside GPs and other health practitioners to promote health and to work with your body so that you can have decreased pain and increased ease of movement.

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